Process for Hiring


What is our general process for hiring people.

  1. Team hiring manager (technology, design, traction) identifies needs
  2. Studio hiring manager collects needs
  3. Talent Spotter refines profile and writes and publishes opening
  4. Candidates are screened by Studio Hiring Manager
  5. Promising candidates talk to Studio Hiring Manager and Team Hiring Manager
  6. Next round is meeting other members of the core team, who give their input
  7. Final call is up to Studio and Team Hiring Manager

Hiring rules

  • Diverse teams build better products; does this person add to our diversity?
  • Hire people smarter than yourself; what can we learn from this person
  • Don't hire assholes or bitches; does this person have good karma?


  • We post all open positions to our Homerun website
  • The open application & intern position vacancies are also posted here.


What happens after we hire someone.

  • Informal introduction at studio + team (Arnoud + direct lead) Upon arrival at Treehouse
  • Informal lunch at B to "break the ice"
  • Setup all accounts as outlined in the Tools section
  • Backspace introductional Keynote (Arnoud + direct lead)
  • Buy Bonsai tree, and official hand-out at signing (Treehouse officer) Signing contracts; make photo's! (Arnoud + Roy)
  • Tips & Tricks in Amsterdam
  • Share first week schedule; at introduction meeting
  • Create joined first-month-plan; may take a few days (direct lead) Create joined quarterly-plan; may take a few months (direct lead) Share Happiness program (direct lead / Treehouse Officer)
  • Invite for other meetings; monday tacticals, etc (direct lead / Treehouse Officer)
  • Plan dinner in Amsterdam (direct lead / Treehouse Officer)

Backspace Introduction

  1. studio history + model (mindmap)
  2. build flow + status + KPIs
  3. ventures + teams + status
  4. culture, principles, rituals
  5. team, skills, holacracy, freelancers
  6. operational, treehouse, meetings, admin
  7. community; studio friends, B. Amsterdam
  8. communication; apps, rituals, circles
  9. what else?

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