Office Tools & Services

We use many tools in the studio and try to find a perfect mix that startups we work with could benefit from as well.

Email account via Soverin

Our email is hosted at Soverin.

All settings for setting up your email application can be found here:

Private and group messaging via Slack

  • Slack is our tool for team communication.
  • Chat about daily things
  • Stop on emails like ‘Hey, look at this!’
  • When you don't care whether your message is archived or not it should be a Slack message not an email
  • Request an invite for Slack (Jons)
  • Join the channels of interest (general, startups your involved in)

General planning & roadmaps via Asana

Asana is our tool for project and task management & bug tracking. We have a workspace for the studio and seperate workspaces for each startup.

We use Asana for keeping track of recurring tasks and projects.

  • New tasks are added to the New Tasks section
  • The person responsible decides on further priority for tasks (Now, Later, etc) The Now section shows work in progress
  • Everyone handles their own tasks status
  • At least once a week each team member goes through their tasks and updates priorities and progress
  • Tip: Add a recurring event to your agenda to remind yourself to do this.
  • If you are done with a task but the task itself needs more work you assign it to the person who should pick it up next
  • Task management is only done in Asana not in other tools, like Basecamp
  • Each startup workspace is setup in the same way as the studio workspace and follows the same rules

Using Asana for bug tracking.

  • Bugs as tagged task in Roadmap; tag = bug
  • Section is Incoming; as non product owner add bugs here
  • Write a task oriented bug report

Using Asana for personal tasks.

  • Keep track of your personal to-do's in 'My Tasks'. Here you can put tasks that are important for you, but not relevant for others.

  • Request an invite for Asana (Jons) Help manage your work by adding tasks

  • Every tasks in Asana needs to assigned to a 'project leader' Every task needs to have a due date

Deliverables and communication with 3rd parties with Basecamp

Basecamp is our tool for sharing and discussing deliverables. Third parties can also join this platform to contribute to a project.

  • Review of deliverables and get feedback
  • Work together on text documents
  • Basecamp is not used for project planning or tasks

  • Request an invite for Basecamp (Jons)

Bug & Issue reporting with Github

  • Request access to report bugs (Tijs)
  • Join, or ask to join, the projects your are involved with

File sharing with Dropbox

We use this tool for sharing documents and other files.

There is a shared folder for the studio

And a shared folder for each startup

People get access to these folders as needed

  • Request access to relevant folders (Jons)

Shared calendar & contacts with Fruux

  • Shared calendars via Fruux
  • There is one team calendar: 'De Boomhut'
  • Each team member has one personal calendar
  • Each team member grants 'read-access' to all other team members
  • The team calendar is used for team events & planning holidays
  • You use your personal calendar for everything else

  • Request a Fruux account (Tijs)

  • You will receive login details which you can use to:

  • Create a personal calendar (or rename the default to your name)

  • Share this calendar with everyone in the core team


Google docs

  • Spreadsheets for finance
  • Forms for quick surveys
  • Progress overview of all startups


  • Gitbook allows for collaborative writing with version control.
  • We use it to write this Playbook, and create public and download-able versions of the playbook
  • We use it for our internal handbook and team onboarding guide We use it for our internal technology playbook

Credentials with 1Password

Password management for core team.

  • We share our password vault using a shared Dropbox folder Credentials for admin accounts of tools we use are shared in this vault.
  • You can store your personal credentials in your own vault

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