In plain english

Our studio serves as a value added investor to early stage ventures. We improve the rate of success for the search phase; from idea to a running company. By adding advanced skills in technology, design and traction.

This makes our studio the perfect co-founder for tech startups.

The goal of our studio is to build the product, get traction and attract a balanced team in 18-24 months. Backspace as a shareholder will be a seal of quality. Just like Gestalten is for books or Blizzard is for games. The studio runs at break even and the upside is in dividends and capital gains from exits.

In the coming 5 years we will build 10 startups to product/market fit over a period of 18-24 months each. This makes them ready for growth investment (Series A). We don’t run startups completely in the studio, but always with a external entrepreneur and his team. Our goal for the startups is to have stand alone teams with skills in technology, design and traction.

  • The studio has 3 founders and a team of 11 specialists in total with a management fee of 75k each.
  • At day one (October 1st 2015) we will be raising 750k to create a runway of 24 months for the studio and its team.
  • To fund the startups we will create a separate investment syndicate of 5 million. That is 500k per startup, when needed.
  • Having direct access to these funds will also improve execution to product/market fit.

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