The Startup Studio Model

A clear process makes it investable. Like John de Mol does for TV formats. Put a team around a big idea and make it spin. Our revenue model is not 'charge by the hour', but building companies that create recurring revenue. With just two things. Capital and talented people.

How we run the the studio

Balancing performance & happiness.

A brain analogy

Left brain: Rational

  • Framework to make the proces measurable: Idea > Product > Company > Industry Turning money into assets > No income from labour, but from capital
  • Focus on creating ‘positive impact’ > Select specific markets that need change

Right brain: Emotional

  • Entire team has ownership in what they build > Attract talent and a big difference with agencies
  • Organising self directing teams > Holacracy video / Voys example
  • Measure company performance in a new way > B corp. From shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism

Are we inventing the game?

The startup studio is not a new concept. You can find examples of successful startup studios around the world; eFounders in Paris, Betaworks in NYC or Project A in Berlin.

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