• Your contract states 25 days, but we don't count on 1 or 2 days more/less You add your holiday plans to the shared Treehouse calendar
  • Responsibilities that come with your roles in the team need to be allocated carefully. Communicate your holiday plans to the rest of the studio, Treehouse Officer in particular. Do this at least a month in advance.
  • Communicate your holidays with venture teams you are active in as well.
  • You are responsible for making sure your roles are taken care of during your holiday
  • Plan a meeting with each of the people who will be responsible for your roles during your holiday
  • Plan this meeting a week or two before your holiday
  • Keep in mind: We are building something great here, that will grow bigger then ourselves; if we do it right.
  • Also keep in mind: You can work all your life, and no ship will burn when you leave a couple of weeks.


Holidays and time off are important. Your holiday should give you time to relax, re-energize and reflect.

  • We encourage everyone to use all their vacation days in the year you receive them
  • Share with team what you are using the holiday mainly for. Rest, relaxing, experience, sportive adventure, resetting mind, learning to surf?
  • Try not to take work with you on your holiday
  • Instead try to take 1 or 2 challenges along with you, that are best solved at a holiday. e.g. Am i happy with my roles? Should i learn new sport. Can i (re)set yearly goals. Have more fun!
  • Collaborate on these challenges when you are back, because it's fun and might inspire others
  • Print your favourite picture and hang it on the Holiday wall at the office

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