We use technology to create positive impact. The right application pushes humanity forward.

Core insights

Getting from idea to traction is usually done by first time entrepreneurs.

Fund raising takes up a lot of time, when founders should be focusing on building product and getting traction. There is often a gap between skills and capital.

Adding experience will greatly decrease the risk of failure.

Unfair advantage

Everyone wants to finance growth with series A, but the problem is in seed capital. Getting from idea to product/market fit. This is mostly done by first time entrepreneurs and the failure rate is high. We want to change that. Not just by advising like an accelerator. But by building together, and bringing experienced entrepreneurs into the game.

Following an analytical process we will help build a startup with our expertise in technology, design and traction. Continuously improving our launch strategies and decreasing the risk. That is our unfair advantage.

Building companies following a structured process

To make the startup studio model work you need repeatable patterns. To make patterns repeatable you need to write them down and keep refining them as you learn.

The playbook is where we collect and refine our repeatable patterns and processes.

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