How we decide what to work on.

Progress need focus

There is a limit to our capacity. Our studio is like a boutique of specialists in venture creation. Naturally we need to make choices. Our game plan is not focused on how many startups we can do, but on how much we can do with attention. Valuing quality over quantity.


"We want to create positive impact by accelerating the following three trends"

We build on emerging technologies and adapt to rising trends. Our focus is on these industries.

Cyber security

In a world where everything generates data, there is a growing need for multiple types of security applications.

Soverin >

#privacy #encryption #communication


In a world where everybody is online, there is growing need for value exchange between people, companies and machines.

Florin >

#blockchain #cryptocurrency #contracts #payments


In a world where all the physical things around us are getting an internet connection, there is a growing need for applications of these sensors.

ByBorre >

#sensors #networks #smarttextile #internetofthings

Selecting startups

All our companies need to have positive impact on the world. They need to do good, by doing well. Enabling people to live better and harm less.

On the soft side

  • Does it create positive impact?
  • Are we getting excited?
  • Does the founder have good karma?
  • Can our team add value?
  • Is the entrepreneur a specialist in his or her field?
  • What is the commitment of the entrepreneur?
  • Do we have an unfair advantage?

On the hard side

  • Is it a startup or a project?
  • Is it innovation driven?
  • Is it technology oriented?
  • Does it match with the verticals?
  • Is it globally scalable?
  • Does it disrupt an established market?
  • Is it a nice to have or a need to have?
  • Is there a running team in place?


Things to focus on (with examples):

  • Business model > Saas
  • Vertical > Fintech
  • Technologie > Blockchain
  • Trend > Sharing economy
  • Target group > Cultural creatives
  • Mission > Positive impact by technology


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